This is a loveseat, made from reclaimed oak barrels.
This is a loveseat made from oak, with a cushion on it.
This is a close up of the reclining loveseat, detailing the reclaimed oak barrel staves.
This is a close up of the reclining back of the loveseat, made from oak barrels.
Love Seat

Love Seat

Love Seat

An outdoor or garden love seat, made from reclaimed wine barrel staves. Unsealed. 

Conveniently flat packs for economical shipping & transporting (requires one step assembly).


  • Material: Oak (unsealed)
  • Seat size: Approx. 1000mm w x 900mm d x 800mm h.  Widths are dependent on varying barrel sizes & ranges roughly between 800mm to 1m
  • Weight: Approx. 22kg
  • Lead time if out of stock: 1-2 weeks

Please note: Wood colour may vary as most of the wine barrels we can source these days are red wine barrels, so the wood has red/burgundy and pink colour to it. Items are hand finished and made with reclaimed & off-cut wood, therefore pieces may vary in size and thickness. Cracks, imperfections, wear & colour variations form part of wooden items’ character. Timber movement will occur as this is a natural product.