This is a recycled glass chandelier made from and galvanised wine barrel steel made. It has 3 rings and 3000 glass beads.
This is a large, recycled glass chandelier containing 3000 green and amber glass beads. Ideal for large living spaces like the dining room, these chandeliers create light and ambience for your home.
This is a close up of a large glass chandelier, made from recycled materials. The glass beads are green and amber and create a beautiful ambience when backlit.

Chandelier - 3 Ring 3000 Beads

Large Glass Chandelier with 3000 Beads

Recycled glass chandelier with galvanised steel frame made of a hoop from an old wine barrel.


  • Material: Galvanised mild steel, glass & wire
  • Size: 500mm dia x approx. 870mm drop
  • Lead time if out of stock: Up to 4-6 weeks

Stock availability is dependent of the availability of recycled material.

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